Ship to ship fuel deliveries

We supply marine fuels

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Supply, installation and maintenance

Logistic Support and Procurement

Interacting directly with freight forwarders, customs brokers, AGT and other parties


Warehouses available for rent


High-pressure cleaning


Maintain honesty, transparency and ethical behavior in all interactions.


Assume our own actions, be responsible and fulfill commitments.


Ensuring customer satisfaction.


Strive for continuous improvement, setting high standards and seeking excellence in all services provided.

Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers

Nopea Energy has been present in the Angolan market for about three years and during this period it has followed a solid strategy and highly focused on being a reference of leadership and competence in providing services to other companies.


Offer dynamic solutions and quality services.


To be a reference in the provision of services in the national market.

Our Quality

Nopea Energy is present in the market in the provision of services, with a focus on customer satisfaction and excellent services, with a view to meeting the needs and expectations of the various stakeholders.